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Meaningful Design

Your company logo and brand design has a strong influence on how your business is perceived by the public.  It is the first impression that you make on potential customers or clients, and can convey what it is that you do or what you stand for.

Many organizations have trusted Cre8tive Group with the important task of developing their brand’s identity and logo. Colors, fonts, and graphic elements are all carefully considered and assembled to confidently represent your company.

Visit our logo and brand design page to see samples of some of the logos we’ve designed for our clients.

Refresh Existing Logos

We also provide brand and logo refresh services. Some organizations are at a point at change or rebirth and want to make that apparent to the public.  Cre8tive Group can design a fresh take on an existing logo that will keep it’s old familiarity but infuse it with new life.

Everything You Need

Whether your business needs a new logo and brand design on an update of your existing one, it’s likely that you will also need updated letterhead, business cards, signs, and more, and Cre8tive Group can help with that too. We can provide the necessary design files for each application, and oversee the entire production process.    

On completion, you receive all necessary logo files and a style guide. The style guide explains how to properly use your logo and brand colors to ensure uniformity everywhere your company is represented.


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