Email Marketing

An email campaign being viewed on a tablet

Engage Your Customers

Stay in touch with your customers or donors through email communications. Email marketing campaigns help bring repeat business by allowing you to announce new products and services and keep your customers informed of developments within your organization that they would be interested in. 

Cre8tive Group can help you make the most of email marketing by developing a marketing strategy for your business, creating the content for each campaign, and measuring the results in our Cre8tive Analtyics Report

With such a wide range of devices being used today to read email, we ensure that your campaign will look professional whether it’s being viewed on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Responsible Email, No Spam

Your customers don’t like spam, and at Cre8tive Group neither do we.  Cre8tive Group does not send out unsolicited email.  We only send email to recipients who have explicitly requested to receive the information contained in your campaign. We help you build a list of recipients who want to keep in touch with you and it’s those who are most likely to want or need your services.

For your email campaigns to be successful, your customers need to be happy when they see an email in their inbox from your organization, so we use email campaigns responsibly. We never spam or send email so frequently that it becomes a nuisance to the recipients.  


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