Marketing Response Reports

analytics chart

Know What You’re Getting

Marketing is an investment. You put money into various marketing efforts hoping to generate more business. You need to know if your investment is paying off, and you need more than a “gut” feeling. You need to know your marketing response with a Cre8tive Analytics Report.

The Cre8tive Analytics Report is a proprietary online report system that shows you how much you’ve invested in your marketing and what you received for that cost. It puts all of your marketing data in one place in an easy to understand format. It lets you compare the performance of your marketing efforts from your website, social media, email campaigns, radio and TV commercials, print ads and more.  

Stay On Course

Each report includes a written overview highlighting items to pay attention to and recommended actions if necessary.  The Cre8tive Analytics Report lets you see what you’re getting for your investment and provides data to help you make smart business decisions with your marketing budget.



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