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Cre8tive Group is a full-service marketing agency near Lexington, KY, serving businesses, associations, and non-profits for over 25 years.

Rebuild Your Brand

Your company’s brand is the expression of who your company is, what you do, and why.  Clients and potential clients experience your brand through the images they see and the experience they have when they encounter and interact with your business.

There are times when it is beneficial to rebuild your brand and Cre8tive Group can help. We specialize in updating brands. If your company has had a change in leadership, a shift in services offered, or needs a fresh start, it is probably time to evaluate and rebuild your brand.

Cre8tive Group’s Discovery Consulting will help you define the key values of your brand, put it into words that will attract clients, and develop an intelligent marketing plan. Our full-service marketing production team can then put the plan into action, producing websites, logos, ads, videos and other collateral necessary to advertise your newly refreshed brand.

“The Discovery consulting sets Cre8tive Group apart from other agencies. That process has allowed us to develop effective marketing messages and understand how to best communicate those messages to potential clients.”

Bruce Daily
CEO, All Star Purchasing

Since 1995, Cre8tive Group has helped business, associations, and non-profits both large and small to reach their business goals through our proprietary four step marketing process. Take a closer look at our process, portfolio, and more with the links below. To learn how Cre8tive Group can help your business rebuild your brand, contact us today.

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