Our Proven, Four Step Process

Cre8tive Group’s Marketing Process Explained in 60 Seconds:


Cre8tive Group’s proven, four step marketing process follows our “Stop. Think. Act.” approach, and helps ensure you get the most for your marketing budget.

Step 1: Discovery – What to say

A Discovery is a paid consulting engagement that focuses on helping you define and communicate your unique value.

  • Clearly articulate your unique value
  • Teach you how to aim, before you pull the marketing trigger
  • Increase the return on your marketing efforts

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Step 2: Strategy – Where to say it

After the completion of the Discovery process, we help you map out the best marketing strategies for your organization.

  • Identify the best marketing strategies for your unique situation
  • Rank and order these strategies
  • Choose the tactics for accomplishing each strategy
  • Determine accurate budgets

Step 3: Design – How to say it

For each strategy, we develop the materials needed to attract attention and increase revenue. This can include:

  • Logo and Brand styling
  • Web site design and web based applications
  • Online advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Video production and animation
  • Print advertising

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Step 4: Measurement – Was it effective?

  • At key points, we measure the effectiveness of each part of the marketing plan and fine tune our efforts.
  • Insure you are using the right message, communication channels and design
  • See ways to maximize your marketing budget for greatest return
  • Provide consistent, clear progress reports throughout the process

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