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Cre8tive Group is a full-service marketing agency near Lexington, KY, serving businesses, associations, and non-profits for over 25 years.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Every day, competing businesses are striving to win your customers. Are they succeeding? Are you doing enough of the right things to gain new customers and retain existing customers?  Is your marketing producing results?

Cre8tive Group’s proprietary, four step marketing process can help you stay ahead of the competition through:

  1. Identifying the most effective things to say about your business
  2. Developing intelligent marketing strategies
  3. Professionally designed advertising to attract the right audience and increase customer confidence
  4. Measuring and reporting the return on your marketing investment

“Since hiring Cre8tive Group as our marketing agency, we have seen a significant increase in new patients. Cre8tive Group was certainly the right choice.”

Dr. William A. Greisner
Owner, Bluegrass Allergy Care

Since 1995, Cre8tive Group has helped business, associations, and non-profits both large and small to reach their business goals through effective marketing with measurable results. Take a closer look at our process, portfolio, and more with the links below. To learn how Cre8tive Group can help your business stay ahead of the competition, contact us today.

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