Getting It Right: Discovery Consulting

Marketing is communication, and for marketing to be successful, it must communicate the right messages to the right people. Cre8tive Group’s Discovery consulting is an important step in getting it right. It guides you through significant decisions that define the company’s brand, messaging, markets, and milestones for measuring success. The outcomes of the Discovery provide the foundation for all future marketing communications and the guide for planning marketing strategies and budgets.

A Discovery includes several in-person development sessions with your executive leadership team. After completion you will have:

  • A unique and relevant definition of your brand
  • A core marketing message
  • An executive summary draft
  • Learned proven formulas for marketing
  • Developed a marketing action plan
  • Defined marketing budgets
  • Defined marketing goals and the metrics used to measure progress

A Discovery is a focused process that will directly impact the future of your business. The attendance and involvement of executive leadership and key decision-makers during the sessions, as well as a commitment to complete the work between sessions, is necessary for outstanding results.

To learn more about how Cre8tive Group’s Discovery works and how it can benefit your business, contact us today.

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