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LG Fox installs, maintains and repairs the conveyor systems that drive the automotive manufacturing process.

Marketing for LG Fox

After many years of using the same marketing materials and website, LG Fox hired Cre8tive Group to refresh their corporate image and bring their website up to modern standards.

Discovery Consulting

Cre8tive Group’s Discovery consulting helped to accurately identify the categories of people who need LG Fox’s services, their specific needs, and key terminology used in their industry. Equipped with this information we were able to craft an effective marketing message that appealed to their prospective clients. Special attention was also given to the customs and preferences of LG Fox’s foreign clientele.

New Website

When LG Fox hired Cre8tive Group, their website was far outdated. Based on the findings from the Discovery consulting, we built a new, modern website that exhibited the experience and reliability of LG Fox. Having a professional, high-end site that matches the high level of service LG Fox provides, gives potential clients confidence when hiring LG Fox for projects that often cost six figures or more.

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