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Armag Corporation manufactures secure modular vaults which protect weapons, explosives, personnel, and sensitive communications for military, government, and commercial applications.

Marketing for Armag Corporation

Since 2007, Cre8tive Group has served as Armag’s marketing agency, providing a wide range of design and marketing services.

Google Ads

Cre8tive Group creates and manages Google Ad campaigns for Armag. We regularly monitor the ads and make adjustments to improve performance or meet changing sales goals. Our Signals reports show the costs and ROI for each category of products, allowing Armag to make informed decisions on advertising budgets.

Website Redesign

A keystone project for Armag was a redesigned website, tailored to the needs of their customers and Armag’s business goals. The redesigned site proved to effectively contribute to an increase in leads. Cre8tive Group manages all aspects of maintaining the site, freeing Armag to focus on what they do best.

Video Production

Cre8tive Group serves Armag with complete video production services. We carefully craft the script, videography, editing, and animations to ensure the message stays on target and effective.

“Praise for the video keeps flowing in. You guys did an awesome job. We’re all very proud of it.”

Joseph Haydon
Marketing Director, Armag Corporation

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